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Camping Belmare Terms and Conditions

The equipment must be installed in the following ways: only green tarpaulins anchored to special metal structures or directly placed on the equipment can be used for roofing, they cannot be mounted using vegetation as a support.
The structures can only cover the surface occupied by the caravan and the veranda with a maximum front projection of 2 meters, lateral of cm. 30 and a maximum height of 30 cm above the caravan.

It is forbidden to install appendages or accessories, curtains or side curtains of any material; it is not allowed to dig dimples, erect fences, reeds, pull ropes or wires around one’s own equipment or otherwise delimit them. In the absence of a frame, a gazebo is allowed. Platforms, carpets, sheets, must be limited only to the perimeter of the structure.
Personal sinks are forbidden even if the waters are discharged to the services. Only one canvas camping kitchen can be assembled, other materials such as wood, pvc are not allowed … The kitchenette must not be mounted under the tarpaulins and cannot be covered by additional structures (tarpaulins) It is advisable to always check compliance and proper functioning of their kitchens. The use of the electrical system is at the sole risk of the user who is also responsible for it on behalf of third parties. It is strictly forbidden to connect electrical appliances except for the refrigerator. A single can not use more than one socket in the fixed system, more than two 60 watts lamps are not allowed.
Upon arrival, campers are required to immediately hand over their identity documents and to declare the exact composition of the family unit, as well as collect the appropriate mark that authorizes entry and exit from the campsite.

VISITORS: the management in addition to reserving the right to allow visitors to enter the campsite upon payment of the foreseen rates, announces that anyone who brings in guests undeclared in the direction, will be removed from the campsite.
According to the provisions in force, caravans, trolleys and even campers that are not regularly registered are not allowed inside the campsite.
Animals are not allowed in the campsite, with particular reference to dogs. The low season months are an exception.
The pitch is considered occupied only if a tent or caravan has been set up. It is forbidden to occupy tents or caravans with cars.
It is forbidden to dig pits around the tent (caravan or camper), but above all to make any type of fence at the edge of the pitch. Otherwise the Management reserves the right to have them disassembled.
Each pitch is entitled to only one parking space in the parking lot, each additional car must, after reporting to the management, pay the additional fee.

CAR: cars can access the campsite, at the allowed time (from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00), only for loading and unloading after which they must be taken to the outdoor parking except those of owners of small tents without light connection and those who display the authorization coupon from the Management). During the journey inside the campsite, the speed limit which is 10km / h must be respected. In case of non-observance of the following point, the Management may deny access to the campsite of the car in question.
From 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm and from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am all noises that could disturb the rest of campers are prohibited. After the third verbal warning, the Management will remove the responsible campers from the campsite. On some evenings, the Management reserves the right to extend the silence start time.
At other times, however, the utmost respect for the tranquility of others must apply.

CLEANING AND SERVICES: Each guest is required to respect the utmost cleanliness and the most scrupulous order both around their equipment and in any other service in the complex. Any solid waste must be deposited in front of the pitch itself, using the plastic bags provided by the campsite itself. Liquid waste must be eliminated through special chemical emptyers. The sanitary and general facilities of the complex all have specific purposes and destinations: they can be used and enjoyed solely and limited to their specific purposes and uses.

Each guest is required to keep the things of his property, the management declines all responsibility for inconveniences of any nature to people or things, for theft, lost or damaged objects. In the event of the discovery of objects lost by other guests, they can be handed over to the management where the value deposit service is available.

The management is not responsible for removal or damage caused by strangers. Damages to people and things deriving from circulation of any kind are also excluded. Any responsibilities of Dican be applied only to the conditions that expressly result from the text of the R.C. stipulated by the Management itself.
The use of the electrical system is at the sole risk of the user who is also responsible for it towards third parties. Each structure has the right to ONLY ONE power socket.

EMERGENCIES: In case of any emergency, Mr. campers are required to inform the Management who will notify the competent body as soon as possible.
REMOVAL: The Management has the full and unconditional right to remove from the complex those guests who do not comply with even one of the articles contained in this regulation.

The Management is at your complete disposal for any need