Camping Belmare Marina di Castagneto Donoratico Livorno
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  • Camping Belmare Marina di Castagneto Donoratico Livorno
  • Camping Belmare Marina di Castagneto Donoratico Livorno
  • Camping Belmare Marina di Castagneto Donoratico Livorno
  • Camping Belmare Marina di Castagneto Donoratico Livorno
  • Camping Belmare Marina di Castagneto Donoratico Livorno


1. Admittance
The admittance to the campsite is subordinated to the reception's authorisation. People under 18 are
admitted only if they are accompanied by their parents or by anyone else authorised by them.
Whoever is found inside the campsite without permission will be persecuted by law.
2. Identity papers
All guests on the arrival must hand in their identity papers to the reception desk, declare the exact
guests' number and collect the label for their car in order to be able to freely come in and out.
3. Covering
Should there be any coverings on your equipment, they must be installed taking into consideration the
following rules:
a) Only green coverings can be used. They must be tied up to special metallic structures or directly
put over the equipment.
b) Coverings cannot be tied on to the vegetation.
c) Side coverings of any material are strictly forbidden.
d) Atent can be built if you do not have any frame.
e) It is possible to build only one kitchen, but it cannot be covered.
4. Special prohibitions
It is strictly forbidden:
- to damage vegetation
- to hammer in nails or similar on plants
- to dig holes and ditches in the ground
- to build fencing and trelliswork
- to tie ropes and lines to the equipment or to delimit them
- to light fires with wood, coal or similar in all the campsite area and on the beach
- to throw lit matches and cigarettes to the ground
5. Motor vehicles
After loading and unloading, cars must immediately be taken to the outside parking area. From the
park area you can freely come in and out at any time. All motorbikes of any type can be parked in the
area near the entrance, but they cannot be driven inside the campsite. Within special time ( from 7 a.m.
to 12 p.m. /from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.) all vehicles must be driven at a walking pace and respect the road
6. Thefts and damages: tort liability
All guests must take care of their own possession. The reception cannot be held responsible for thefts
and damages caused by strangers or for damages to people and things caused by any kind of traffic.
Possible responsibility on behalf of the reception can be applied only with regard to the conditions
listed in the tort liability-insurance policy which has been stipulated by the reception itself.
7. Electricity
The use of electricity is exclusively at the guest's risk. All guests are also held responsible with respect
to third parties. It is strictly forbidden to connect any other electric household appliances except for the
fridge. Every family/group of people cannot use more than one socket in the electric plant and more
than two lamps (60 W=). It is strictly forbidden to cross streets with electric cables.
8. Animals: dogs, cats..
Animals like dogs and cats are admitted only during low season. Any kind of justification will not be
accepted during high season (June, July and August).
9. Cleaning and waste
All guests must respect the highest cleanliness and keep scrupulous order around their own
equipment and in any area of the campsite. Solid waste must be gathered in the special area from 7
p.m. to 8 a.m. We remind you that special containers for selected waste are available in the campsite.
Liquid waste must be discharged by means of special chemical tanks.
10. Silence time
During silence time (from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m./ from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.) all kind of noise is forbidden in order
to not to disturb the peace. During this time it is also forbidden to build up and down equipment and to
ride bicycles. During the rest of the day all guests must respect other people's tranquillity.
11. Children
Children under 10 must be accompanied by their parents or by anyone else authorised by them
whenever they use all the services in all the area. During their stay at the campsite all guests must
continuously keep an eye on their children, especially during silence time.
12. Infectious diseases
All the guests must immediately inform the Reception of any kind of infectious disease. The Reception
will adopt all the precautions necessary for the case.
13. Danger signal
Whenever the red flag is waving on the beach, bathing is strictly forbidden. We recommend waiting
three hours after meals before bathing. Not to go far away from the beach if you cannot swim or in case
of rough sea. It is forbidden by the Harbour Office to navigate by motor crafts within 300m from the
14. Departure
During July and August all guests must leave the campsite before 12 p.m., otherwise they must pay
the departure day as well. Payment and restitution of the car label must be carried out at departure
15. Presence
During your stay the place cannot be left empty. Exceptionally (for a limited period of time) if you must
leave your equipment unattended, you must pay the minimum fee for two persons per place per day.
16. Rent
It is strictly forbidden to rent out caravans to other people.
17. Expulsion
The Reception has the full, unconditioned right to expel those guests who do not observe any one of
the above mentioned rules.
If you choose to stay at our campsite this means you know, approve and accept the above
mentioned rules.
The Reception is at the guest's disposal and wish you a nice stay.

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